sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2015

Suas palavras bem poderiam ser as minhas...

I only have one topic to comment on concerning the Oscar show this year and that's the exclusion of actress Lizabeth Scott from the In Memoriam segment. I am sympathetic to the Academy's dilemma of deciding who of the almost 200 important craftspeople to honour in a short tribute that can only realistically handle less than a quarter of those lost to us. Lizabeth Scott was, however, a leading lady, a true star whose on and off screen persona was full of class, conviction and style, besides being one of the dwindling few representatives left from that bygone era many of us still fantasize about. Regardless of what anyone thought of the films she starred in, she should have at least been included because of who she starred with, namely Bogart, Lancaster, Douglas, Heston, Mitchum, Dick Powell, Alan Ladd, Elvis Presley and Michael Caine, et al. Louis Jourdan who died a few weeks later was mentioned so we know it wasn't a timing issue. It's a real shame since an inclusion would have drawn Scott to the attention of a younger generation interested in discovering more about an actresses they know nothing about, but whose on screen accomplishments live on and so convincingly speak for themselves. Scott's omission was also sadly ironic since her formidable contribution to quality film making was basically overlooked during the later part of her career and largely forgotten about after her retirement. Whether it was an oversight or downright snubbing, this was a missed opportunity to shine a little light on a neglected talent of magnitude earning a real black mark against the Academy. Perhaps enough outraged fans like myself will encourage them to include her in next year's tribute. I hope so. More on the iconic actress can be read by clicking on the image.

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